The Antipastis present...

A race series to raise money for AIDS/Lifecycle

How does it work?


Connect your bike computer or Ride with GPS to log your rides to Rondo.

Win donations for your team

The teams with the most points win a prize pot.

Race Rules

The Prize Pot starts at $1000

Race entry is $15. For each signup, $10 get added to the prize pot.

(so if 20 people raced, the prize pot would be $1200)

Who can participate?

Anyone can sign up for Snack Attack. There are some system requirements

When is the race?

April 15th through May 15th, 2024

Where is the race?

We picked our favorite segments and destinations in the Bay Area to compete on. They will appear on the Rondo Race map the day the race begins.

How is money awarded?

Donations are made directly to cyclists in the top 4 winning teams. See the frequently asked questions for details.

How do I sign up?

Download Rondo from the App Store and sign up for Snack Attack 2024!